"Raices", Banco Popular of Puerto Rico.

Image used for the cover of the music documentary dvd and promotion material.

Also i created the concept, characters and storyboards for an animation to open the film.

Animation and images of the process below.


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"RaĆ­ces" is a documentary about the roots of Puerto Rican folkloric music and dance of "bomba" and "plena". I collaborated with director Paloma Suau for the opening animation for the film. Once we discussed concepts and ideas I was on my own to create a storyboard that would link the idea of both genres of music. Transitions was a very important element in this animation to keep the organic 'tree' flow throughout the piece.

Once the storyboard was approved then we had to photograph and film dancers performing both styles of dance. My task was to capture the characters, movement and the spirit of the dancers. After the research i began to work on the look of the characters for the animation. Once these images were created the storyboard was translated in color and directions were sent to the animation company.

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